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There is some publicity on the ASO website .. why ?

There is some publicity on the ASO website .. why ?

Hello dear stamps collectors or buyers and all of you you reading this post ! How are you doing today ? Fine I hope !

Today I will try to explain to you why there are some publicity on That’s pretty simple to understand but not everyone will agree on this !

If you are one of our user, you know that ASO provides a basic free package with 4 free offers. This package is for all new user registered on the platform. In order to maintain this free package and gives the ability to make sales for everyone we added some publicity. As you may know a lot of website such as news, YouTube , and other social media platforms are based on the ads displayed.

ASO could use to earn some money by adding a couple of ads provided by Google in order to maintain the website on internet. That cash should cover charges creating this project with the server, the security , the storage of all of pictures and information , …

Auction Stamps Online is designed to be as transparent as possible in terms of publicity . We know what it’s like to go to a website and be swimming in unwanted content and promotions. But we are aware of this factor and tried to provide you something not too invasive. As a note are also really concerned about your privacy, if you want to know more about that click on this link .

Hopping this article will provide you with some answers to this question. Maybe in the next weeks, months or year we could totally remove them or upgrade them to only include suitable offers by select business partners from the stamp collecting world !

I will conclude this short article on the subject wishing you the best for all your project current and future ! Have a good time on 🙂