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Why has Auction-Stamps.Online been created ?

Why has Auction-Stamps.Online been created ?

Hello everyone, I hope each and everyone of you are doing well today !

Today I will spend some time in order to explain to you why this website has been created and why it took some time to be published .

But first and foremost … I have to take some pictures to upload my own ads for you to see later on. Yes, you may know already, but I do have several sets of stamps for sale all over the world !

Last year, I inherited a large collection of stamps and started to organize it ! In doing so, I met quite a few friendly people over on social media and other places.

So, why has this website been created ?
The answer is really simple: because I have the ability to ! I’m a student in computer science with a tiny bit of free-time, so creating a website is something I can do.

When I was looking up how to easily sell my collection over the internet I couldn’t find a suitable website to post my offers.

I decided to create my own and give everyone the opportunity to sell what they want to sell, on a site that focuses on stamps and the world of philately exclusively !

Basically this website provides its users with the ability to create their own ads with a simple form. If you have a desire to try out this very useful tool you can do so by signing up.

I have been listening and asking around for advice and made sure that (for instance) the ads created on Auction Stamps Online were easily shareable on social media and other web platforms.

If you have any stamp-related product that you want advertised, feel free to contact me and maybe I could create a dedicated space for your needs.

Thanks for reading this short and first article and visiting auction stamps online ! Enjoy your day or night everyone !